A meuhriage?

Radio MeuhriageThat’s not a spelling mistake. The other night, I went to a meuhriage. Pictured are the bride and groom. Notice anything odd? Yes, that’s a man dressed up as a bride, with black fishnet stockings on, marrying a man in pink glasses. They’re both actually straight.

So what was this all about? I wish I could give you a satisfactory answer to this question, but I’m at a bit of a loss myself, apart from having a great time on the night. I received an invitation to the event, which required us to dress up for a real marriage, from the lovely people at Radio Meuh — a local radio station that plays funky music and is played in shops in La Clusaz and beyond thanks to the wonders of the internet.

The bride is Tedeo. Ted used to DJ at a local club here before hanging out with the Radio Meuh crew. The groom is Arnauld. I’m not actually sure what Arnauld does. Tedeo’s “dad” for the day, Philippe, is the brainchild behind Radio Meuh (no photo I’m afraid — sorry Philppe). I probably should have asked him what the meuhriage was all about, but he was busy DJing while the bride and groom did their thing.

Without hearing it from the horse’s mouth, I can only presume that the Radio Meuh crew figured this would be a good marketing campaign. It worked: a photo of the happy couple made it into Le Dauphine newspaper the following day. However, it wasn’t a real wedding: there were no embarrassing, long-winded speeches by drunk family members, the bride did not fall over, spill food down the white dress or cry at any point of the day, and the music was far too good despite their attempts to cheese it up with typical wedding numbers.


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4 comments on “A meuhriage?
  1. Mister Moo says:

    Thanks Wendy for your article and presence at the wedding,
    i wouldn’t say it was a marketing campain, we don’t know what marketing is in radio meuh! 😉
    only a good excuse to have fun and make an original party.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Priceless. What a great picture!

  3. Noturus says:

    I have heard of something similar to this here in the states called a “womanless wedding”, although I have never attended one. Not sure about the purpose, but maybe it was to raise some money for charity. Thanks for the funny picture.

  4. bex says:

    What is it with the Frenchies and their pink plastic sunglasses?? x

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