A road trip to Méribel

I’ve been away in Méribel this week, which is why it’s taken me until now to do a blog entry. Méribel is far more bling than La Clusaz or Le Grand Bornand, and I was expecting to be totally out of my element despite spending many seasons there as a ski bum. Apart from a group of young chalet hosts who drove me away from where I was seated with their attempts to impress each other at how hungover they were, I was pleasantly surprised overall. First up, CoreUPT skis were everywhere! Candide Thovex apparently has more of an influence on the bling kids than I thought! Another surprise was seeing the artwork of Charlie Adam, who I wrote about just the other day, on the front of the Méribel piste map and on various bits of resort advertising. It seems that La Clusaz is having more of an influence on Méribel than Méribel is on La Clusaz! I’d never have thought that possible, and it makes me proud to live here. Here’s some Candide action, although I recommend you go directly to candidekamera.com and watch it in full screen mode to really get the most out of the vid. Enjoy.


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2 comments on “A road trip to Méribel
  1. Iain "ILMAKR" says:

    GREAT bit of video… though a smidgen depressing if sat in a flat in SE London, with no snow propects until Christmas!

  2. April says:

    Let it be your motivation! I followed Candide’s path down some great steep stuff today…I did rock drops, 360s and more…..in my mind, while in reality, my legs just swished in the powder, wishing they knew how to do all that stuff. :O)

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