Published work

Short stories

To test that my fiction might actually be publishable, I wrote few short romance stories and submitted them to a romance story website, who published them with little or no editorial changes. Relief!

Beyond Elodie’s Dreams (Long and Short Reviews romance website)

Summer Heat (Long and Short Reviews romance website)


Overview of life for an expat in France, written for French Entrée.

How to be a ski bum, written for Tribe magazine.

Overview of La Clusaz ski area, written for Guide2rhonealps.

Writing contest success

My first ever writing contest entry won a prize! I was a runner up in the Transitions Abroad year-long writing contest!
Transitions Abroad 2010 Expat Writing Contest

In October 2012, I won the Blackstaff Press writing contest with an article about online reading groups (you may need to scroll down as time goes on).

Other online content

I write the odd blog entry for Mad Dog Ski, based in the UK.

I have guest contributed to Ma Vie Française.


The University of Cambridge approached me to use some of my stories from my blog in their teaching resources for learning English.

Other stuff

All sorts of journalism from running my own fortnightly music listings guide in Cambridge to writing about French villages and ski resorts for various travel webistes (ghost written).

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6 comments on “Published work
  1. mark says:


    I sent you a short msg on facebook…thought I’d say hello here as well.

    I wouldn’t mind chatting with you, see how your book writing is coming along. I just released my first book, and just feeling it may do well…fingers crossed…not quite romance, more a travel adventure love story…my website is on this email here..please write to me when you can!

  2. April says:

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the message. Funnily enough, my first novel is also a travel adventure love story, rather than straight out romance! We should talk…

  3. We are filming a TV program in France … Please mail me
    Paul Vernon

  4. Hi April, enjoying your blog and your writing. I’ve just started writing a blog about moving from NZ to UK. Its all about moving from Pavlova to Pork Pies, from surf to snow, from citychick to country chicken. You get the picture! Funnily enough the big move all came about because I was in Paris when I met a man. Have a look at The Back Story on my blog to see what I mean.

  5. Ruby says:

    I love the onnicle – I’m a puzzle fanatic and that’s a great one! Like your version as a story. Harder than the single liners other people had submitted 🙂

  6. Shan says:

    Hiya. Like you, I’m an Antipodean who has taken a similar journey to France and am now living in Champagne, by way of the UK, Africa and Cuba, while I take a bit of a break to pursue some writing. I’ve been blogging about it as well, so check it out if you’re interested:

    What I really enjoy is reading about the experiences of other foreigners in France as, though we may encounter similar situations, there is a real sense of regionalism here. Thus, I loved reading about the cows and their bells, which is something we don’t have so much of here in the vineyards of the north.

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