Wendy Hollands

Personal background

Name: Wendy Hollands.

From: Australia, then moved to England, then France after that.

Passions: Snow-based activities; writing; travel; music; and, wakeboarding.

Not a fan: Glossy “women’s” magazines; olives; techno music; intolerance (unless related to techno music); double standards (apart from mine about intolerance).

Writing background

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (English); Graduate Diploma in Computer Science.

Experience: 15+ years as a technical author (including freelance journalism and fiction writing on the side) years as a freelance journalist; 6+ years as a production editor; and, 2+ years translating.

Writing career highlight: It’s a draw between seeing my first article published in my favourite music magazine and being offered a job at the New York office of a very famous publisher — and having the strength to turn it down because the timing wasn’t right.

Need my help?

I’m available for writing contracts including technical author roles, writing magazine articles, proofreading, editing and online content roles. For full information, visit wendyhollands.com.

On the To Do list

  1. Get novel #1 finished edited and published.
  2. Start novel #2.
  3. Learn how to play my acoustic guitar.
  4. Improve my language skills.


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