Annecy, Candide and Bruno

1. Annecy. Last week, Annecy won the national contest to see which French city could bid for the 2018 winter Olympics. Congratulations to everyone involved so far. I’ll keep my fingers crossed until 2010 when the winning city is announced.

2. Candide Thovex was noticeably absent at the La Clusaz Free Sessions. He’s been busy working on his new project, Candide Kamera. The first video is beautifully shot, with a great opening scene looking down to Geneva airport, lots of amazing freeriding, and just a few tricks thrown in during filming. There’s also some footage of him being dragged out of a snowy river by his perplexed-looking friend. I wasn’t too keen on the ending, which reverts back to his old style, but at least he kept the time lapse footage to about three seconds, and there’s only one ‘nature’ scene of some deer. Check out the vid:

Interestingly, Candide’s website has a ‘coming soon’ page for the Candide Invitational. Does this mean there will be more in the future?

3. Bruno. Who is Bruno? Bruno is my cat, and despite this week’s new snowfall, it’s clear that spring is on the way because he has brought me his first mouse for the year. Not bad for a fourteen year-old, but I’d prefer no mouse and more winter.


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4 comments on “Annecy, Candide and Bruno
  1. eldubbug says:

    So, a comment: “I’ll keep my fingers crossed until 2010 when the winning city is announced” – I envisage that this will cause endless problems…numbness being the first I can think of. Then there’s problems with picking things up, pointing….the list goes on. Of course, the fingers you choose to cross will probably also have a bearing: index and middle of your dominant hand will likely be more problematic than ring and pinkie of the non-dominant hand. I think you should give this sort of rash statement a bit more thought before you commit it to the interweb for all to see!

  2. Pink Ink says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place. I can see why people go gung-ho over skiing. If it weren’t such an expensive hobby, we’d take our kids more. (Utah has some great skiing)

    I don’t want more winter. You can have any left over from ours 🙂

  3. Geoff says:

    I’m so retentive I would have had to make the title Annecy, Bruno and Candide, just for the alphabetical order…

    But more importantly, well done Bruno! Hopefully it was a dead mouse, and not one that gets to hide behind the fridge etc…

    And finally, for a French pun; Candid Kamera is not bad at all 😉

  4. April says:

    Pink Ink, I’ll take all the winter I can get! Spring is NOT welcome here. Geoff, I hadn’t even noticed that the *could* go into alphabetical order. And yes, the opening parts of the Candide Kamera video include audio snippets from the American show! Eldubbug, you don’t need to uncross your fingers to ski and snowboard, and that’s all that matters. :O)

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