Annecy Fête de la Musique

Drummer with a mountain view Street band in Annecy
Old ladies listen to heavy metalLast weekend was indeed busy here in Haute Savoie, with the Fête de la Musique on Sunday night in Annecy and lots of other cities. Last year’s headbanging infants were everywhere, but the most striking moment of the evening was when I noticed two little old ladies relaxing on a park bench, listening to a loud heavy metal band on the stage in the distance. They didn’t say much to each other: they couldn’t hear each other over the live music. Part of me thinks it’s great that they’re so open-minded about music. But another part of me wonders if they’re actually very deaf and had no idea that the fete was happening until they arrived during their regular evening walk. Perhaps when they made it to their regular park bench, they thought they could hear something in the distance but the fading light at dusk prevented their eyes from seeing much beyond a few people standing nearby.

The evening, with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains, included battles of the street bands, with roaming minstrels meeting other bands unexpectedly, creating a clash of sounds and some very confused musicians. One band would always have to back up to allow the other band to continue, and that’s when the battle really began.

One of the highlights was a guitarist who sang songs about Frenchness. I missed some of his jokes, but his songs about the girls in the front row at the gig with a dolphin tattoo on their lower back can really apply to any culture. One song covered the stereotype of buying a van and living in it with a dog, sporting hippy clothes and dreadlocks. This truly is a big trend in France, and I wondered if the singer was getting nervous about the dreadlocked hippies near the front of the stage. Meanwhile, the drunk guy standing up the back near us mumbled a great reply to the singer who had asked a crowd member between songs: “Did you drink beer for breakfast?” Drunk guy: “I did.” And we all knew he was serious.


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  1. Beer for breakfast? Wow… =P Sounds like fun!

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