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I'm a technical author, journalist and writer from Australia who has been living in Europe since 2000 and exploring the world from there. My passions are writing, snow sports and travel.

How to get a Samsung phone fixed in France

One of the problems with buying a phone on a British website and receiving it from a German address is knowing who to contact when it breaks. My Samsung phone broke under warranty, so I want to a phone shop

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Driving in Saint Jean de Sixt

With snow on the ground here in Saint Jean de Sixt, and the partial opening of La Clusaz happening this weekend, the locals are happy. The man driving this car was particularly happy when he arrived home and parked his

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French adverts with English lyrics

It’s been a while since I wrote about the absurdity of the Kinder Bueno advert, which stars tennis champion Jo Wilfried Tsonga. French television advertisements are the usual mix of brilliant, funny, cheesy and terrible that are seen throughout the

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Chapelle de Gotty – also a bus stop

Between the main village of La Clusaz and the l’Etale area lies the Chapelle de Gotty. This pretty little chapel is far more accessible than the previous chapel, I wrote about, the well-hidden Chapelle du Parc, because it’s on a

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How to eat a nun

Don’t be alarmed by the title of this blog post. The French word  ‘religieuse‘ means ‘nun’ in English, and is also the name of this tasty looking treat. Other treats not pictured include the ‘chausson aux pommes‘ (‘apple slipper’: Cornish

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The hidden chapel of La Clusaz

Situated at the entrance of La Clusaz is something I didn’t notice for more than three years — a chapel. You might wonder how someone can miss a bright blue building, and the Chapelle du Parc, built in 1631, is

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Snow vs vide grenier in St Jean de Sixt

After weeks of warm weather, last weekend turned arctic. Normally, I’d rejoice at snowfall and its promise of winter sports, but not when I’m due to sit outside all day. A friend and I had reserved a stand — thankfully undercover

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La Clusaz comes to Paris

The lovely  Mademoiselle Caroline  is an illustrator who blogs about all sorts of things, such as having kids, daily life in the mountains, and the experience of expatriating herself from Paris to the small village of Manigod, just down the

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Popular sport on French TV

French public television features tennis during the French Open, Grand Prix car races and of course European football. Sometimes, there’s skiing on the local channel for those of us here in La Clusaz and other areas of the French Alps.

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Being sick in France

You may have noticed a slow-down of blog posts recently, and that’s because I’ve been ill. I’ve had all the symptoms of whooping cough, which started at the end of July, and I’m still recovering. Pictured are just some of

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