Balade au clair de lune

Last weekend was big in La Clusaz. We had four nights of beach party, complete with palm trees, sand and skimpy outfits despite the coolness of the mountain evenings, and we had the ‘balade au clair de lune’ — a moonlit walk. I’m not sure if there is actually a walk or not, but all the lights in town (including outdoor restaurant lights) are turned off and the town is lit only by the moon and lots of candles. There’s entertainment aplenty with bands, wandering troups of dancers, wandering minstrels, and this year, there was a jewelery ballerina and an artist creating a painting. He did actually get some light provided.

La Clusaz had been pretty quiet before all these events hit town, and then suddenly, it was difficult to find a place for dinner and even harder to find a car park in town. Tourists and locals scoured the dimly lit streets, watching the entertainers and trying not to lose their friends in the darkness. As the evening came to an end and the party continued indoors in the clubs well after midnight, I noticed a woman on her way home, stopping to collect some of the large candles in terracotta bowls for her own home. I figured she pays enough in council tax to live here so I shrugged my shoulders and walked on. Meanwhile, at another event last night, I noticed a whole lot of these candles, along with the presence of a local policeman. He didn’t seem to care, so I guess it’s the done thing, stealing candles.
Giant chicken

Giant chicken started hassling diners (like us) – pretty funny dude on stilts


Some candles on rocks in the river

Band member
Part of the band playing funky hits, getting up close and personal

Created by Mathieu Belleville

Artist Mathieu Belleville creates a piece within two hours


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