Bread at 2am?

French bread vending machineMy Australian friends who brought us news of the 24-hour milk vending machine in Annecy have since moved to a village with a bread vending machine. A baguette is a highly-valued food item here in France, with baguette deals sometimes offered at the petrol bowser. It’s therefore surprising that the typical Parisian baguette vending machine has been snubbed for this machine with big round loaves. My friend Suzanne is impressed with both the bread and the machine, saying:

It is wonderful and the bread seems to be a little different to normal bread. It is much heavier and somewhat rustic.  When I stopped the other day the machine was a little steamy as the bread was still warm.  Yum.

WHAT? Still warm? The bread could be made from the worst recipe in the world and still be saved by that homely smell of fresh-baked bread. Is there a better smell and taste in the world than warm bread? This bread is no doubt tasty even once cooled, and I’m looking forward to buying a loaf next time I’m visiting.

Unless, of course, my friends move to a village that has a 24-hour chocolate pudding vending machine…


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7 comments on “Bread at 2am?
  1. Michelle says:

    This looks amazing! It reminds me of the croquette machines in the Netherlands.

    One thing I miss in Sweden is freshly baked bread – the bread here is very sweet and I am dreaming of some French or German bread – ideally packed with walnuts.

  2. Steph says:

    We have the raw milk machines, but not one of these yet in Creuse as far as I’m aware. It’s a great idea, but I prefer your chocolate pudding version!

  3. Wendy says:

    Michelle, at least the Swedes got chocolate so right (it’s my favourite). The bread is rather sweet, isn’t it.

    Steph, I just made a brunch of chocolate pudding in a mug ( after thinking about chocolate pudding. It’s a decent pudding hit for a Sunday morning.

  4. Ron says:

    But is it any good?
    I love bread, and I REALLY love French bread.*salivates*
    A good idea, but how does it taste?

  5. Humm, I’m not sure about this. I guess I would have to have someone I knew who had first hand experience trying it and saying it was great for me to believe it was worth a shot. Who know, though, it could be a big hit!

  6. pete says:

    there’s a 24hr pizza vending machine in Le Fayet by Saint Gervais!!

  7. Wendy says:

    Pizza vending? Wow! Pete, do they taste any good??

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