Candide does it again with Few Words

As the season in La Clusaz draws to an end this Sunday — ending with the Defi Foly competition and hopefully good enough weather for the BBQ not to be needed as an outdoor heater — something else in La Clusaz has just arisen, like a marmot fresh from hibernation.

It’s Candide Thovex’s teaser for his latest crazy film, ‘Few Words’, filmed here in La Clusaz. From around 2 minutes 40 seconds in the video below, Candide can be seen jumping in the La Balme area of La Clusaz, where he built the jumps with some buddies just a few weeks ago. A friend and I tried to stay on the piste to watch the jumps but a pisteur came and shooed us away, leaving Monsieur Thovex and his posse with the entire ski area for themselves after closing time, just as the sun was giving out some nice light to shoot footage in. Take a look for yourselves:

My friend wanted to take a white sheet up the next day and hide under it after last lifts and until the pisteurs had all gone, leaving us alone with Candide, but I chickened out for fear of getting the pisteurs angry and for ruining Candide’s beautifully empty (except for him) shots of the area. The full-length film is due out in October 2012. If it features any scenes showing the pisteurs on the balcony of the Bergerie restaurant at La Balme, helping a screaming girl called Naomi whose knee cartilage folded up on itself while she ate lunch, look for me just next to her. I’m the one who looks unsure whether to shake her fist at the helicopter making so much noise above us while her friend was in pain, or wave at Candide’s film crew inside the helicopter. Even if our balcony scene is missing from the final cut, I’m guessing this movie is going to make Candide Thovex even more of a ski hero both locally (if that’s possible) and all around the globe.

Incidentally, my friend with the knee cartilage problem was hitchhiking up to La Clusaz from Saint-Jean-de-Sixt about a month ago, and guess who stopped to give her a lift. Yep, Candide. I wonder if he recognised her on the footage from the helicopter. In case you’re reading, Candide, two shots of Morphine and they managed to unfold her cartilage and she’s been fine ever since.

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