Capsicum (red pepper) jam on camembert

This is one of my favourite recipes that works at everything from BBQs to cocktail parties. Everyone loves it and you can make it well in advance (handy as I’m never organised on the day).

400 g capsicums (red peppers) seeded and cut into slices as if for thick marmalade
200 g sugar
100 g red wine vinegar (or any other)
50 g water
1 round of Camembert cheese

Throw the lot into a saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring regularly. Let the pot simmer for around 45 minutes. Additional water may be needed for added goo. Remove from heat and let the jam cool fully before using. Bring the Camembert to room temperature, then cover the top of the cheese with the jam, and serve with biscuits and a cheese knife.


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