Carnaval Vénetien d’Annecy

Each year, Annecy holds a procession of Venetian carnival costumes, run by an association that links the two cities. I found a place in the sun to watch the people in their beautiful costumes slowly and silently meander past. This also gave me an insight into how French people tell each other off, and how those being told off tend to ignore it. More than one person tried to stand in front of me and the small family next to me. The entire family verbally harassed each person until the left. One guy was more persistent, but he too gave up and gave up once the father in the family beside me changed his tone to be more aggressive. I think he actually threatened the guy. Meanwhile, up the corridor of people a little, a woman was shrieking at the top of her voice, telling another woman who had parked herself in front of everyone to move away. An argument followed before the woman left. Towards the end of the parade, some people blocked the route entirely, causing the costumed-up people to find a different route. When an official (a young girl) tried to get people to move aside to open the route—and there was plenty of room for everyone to have a great view of the parade—not only did they stay still, but they told her off! She gave up and went for help. The correct route was eventually reinstated, but only briefly before being blocked once more. The photos below are just a tiny subset of all the costumes.


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4 comments on “Carnaval Vénetien d’Annecy
  1. April,

    Those pictures are so cool. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. April says:

    Thanks for the feedback, gypsyscarlet – I’m glad the photos are appreciated.

  3. Ruby says:

    These photos are gorgeous and remind me how great the parades are in Annecy. I miss living there so much!

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