Carrefour Annecy has some explaining to do

Shocking disabled image at French supermarket chain Carrefour Annecy, FranceI’m not sure I need to write anything to accompany this photo, which I snapped this week in the carpark of the Carrefour supermarket in Annecy here in the French Alps. But I will.

I remember my secondary school days, when some of the students would draw hairy genitalia on the plastic seats, which no doubt amused them, but always made me want to swap chairs. The thought of sitting on that before I’d even seen the real thing grossed me out. And now I’m wondering if some painter dudes came along and saw an opportunity to relive their school years. I wonder if they stood back and admired their handy work. And do disabled car park users feel the need to switch car parks out of not wanting to park their car over that?

The pictured symbol was one of many racy symbols on the ground that day. It lifted the mood of shoppers who were ready for the drudgery that lay ahead in the brightly-lit supermarket. And for those leaving the supermarket, it gave their brain something else to think about after having the intro of the ‘Happy Days’ tune rammed in their ears to the point of going mad. Happy days, at least, for the disabled symbols getting it on.


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5 comments on “Carrefour Annecy has some explaining to do
  1. Emm says:

    Heh. Do you think it was intentional? Or that they simply didn’t take enough care to paint over the original?

  2. Steph says:

    That would certainly cheer up a boring shopping trip, and oh boy, is food shopping boring. The most excitement I’ve seen shopping at supermarkets is a lorry getting stuck under the low roof over the petrol pumps and a car whose brake had failed and which had rolled forward to hit another one – not mine fortunately or it wouldn’t have been so exciting!

  3. Ron Rundle says:

    What disabled people do in the privacy of their own parking spaces is their business. I guess that’s why they have their own spaces so that they are not “boogalooin'” all over the Carrefour car park.

  4. Wendy says:

    Emm, it probably wasn’t intentional, but how could the not notice?
    Steph, wow – the stuck lorry must have caused a fuss. Certainly would make shopping more interesting.
    Ron, I’m going to think about “boogalooin'” every time I see these dodgy signs now!

  5. Tonton says:

    Wow, I like the picture!

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