Cow in a car

A cow in a carNo, you are not imagining things. This really is a photo of a cow in a car — a Renault 5 to be exact. This is a car with only three doors, so there’s not that much space between the driver and the cow. My friend Penny snapped this photo on the way back from Annecy last week. At first, she presumed the brown and white thing was a boxer dog. She then realised it was a cow.

I guess this particular farmer found it more cost effective than getting out the cow transport truck, but I’m not sure how the cow feels about it. Is that a line of wee coming from the cow? And if so, is it really that cost effective? The farmer has to clean up the the mess left behind by the cow.

I reckon this one beats the dog on a bike and the snowman on a car hands down.


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6 comments on “Cow in a car
  1. The sensible thing would have been to strap the poor creature to the roof bars.


  2. ksam says:

    My ex (a Breton) used to transport calves in his car (note I said HIS car – I made it very clear he was never to use mine LOL)

  3. I once shared a trip home from the shops in the front of a Renault 5 which had three lambs in the back – it seemed strangely normal at the time?

  4. April says:

    So maybe the non-animal transporters are the abnormal ones?

  5. I cannot believe that is a real photo. Hilarious!

  6. Oh. My. God. I’ve seen it all!

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