Finding vegetarian food in a French supermarket

Vegetarian food in French supermarket

Being a vegetarian in France is getting easier, with more products appearing on the shelves each month (and some disappearing, unfortunately). Supermarkets are finally jumping on the bandwagon, with many producing their own range of veggie options.

At Intermarché supermarket, they’re already stocking meat-free products right next to some of the meatiest items possible. Here we have boudin noir (black pudding) right next to the vegetarian patties, because every vegetarian wants to check out the blood-filled sausage before grabbing their box of meat-free joy.

I’m still waiting for Quorn products to appear in my closest Carrefour — something that was meant to happen last year. Apparently, they too are to be stocked in the ‘fresh meat’ section of the supermarket. Yep, that’s correct: vegetarian meat alternatives are going to be stocked next to the meaty items, presumably because people are still hanging out in the meat section trying to figure out exactly how they can cook a meal without meat for that one annoying dinner guest who has jumped on this nouveau meat-free bandwagon. To find vegetarian products in a French supermarket, simply look for meat! France still has some way to go in understanding vegetarianism, it seems. Heaven help the vegans.

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3 comments on “Finding vegetarian food in a French supermarket
  1. Lesley says:

    I meant to look if and where this veggie food was placed in our ElC, but judging by previous searches they could be anywhere and likely to be in with the ‘Bio’ with (I am sure our French hosts consider to be ) the cranks and more money than sense items.

  2. Wendy says:

    Totally could be anywhere. I did find Quorn at Carrefour in Annecy at long last, and watch this space for an upcoming blog entry about where it was. Nowhere near the other veggie options!

  3. Tory says:

    I was pleasantly surprised after 7 years back in Oz to find veggie things when we got back last year – when we left there really was nothing! In the supermarkets I use (mainly Super U, Leclerc and Intermarche) they tend to be with the ‘BIo’ things – not spotted in the meat sections (but wouldn’t have thought to look there either – that is where I buy meat LOL!!

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