Foire de la Saint Maurice

Horses enjoy la foire de la Saint MauriceHere is a photo of some horses standing outside a local community hall in Thônes. Let me explain. Last year, I wrote about the hay bail competition and the cows and tractors for sale at the local fair called la foire de la Saint Maurice. I couldn’t find the hay bail competition, but I did see the best young cow of 2009 presented with an award. She did a poo as soon as her proud owner had taken the award. The local horse riding school had some well-groomed horses out on display, which is why the horses are in this photo. The crowds at the cow competition were too deep to get a decent photo, so the horses were second best. Well, third best if the hay bail competition had been on.

As I wandered around the fair, I noticed that some things are always the same: the beer stands were surrounded by a stagnant crowd of men, making it harder to get past for everyone else while the kids hung by the sweets stands. More than one stand-holder called out to me to check out his wares. There was a trash’n’treasure held by the local school, which was different only in that most stall holders had kids’ skis for sale, but that makes sense given the love winter sports here. So all in all, a typical fair. Topped off with some melted cheese in a roll, I’m going back again next year, determined to find the hay bail competition.


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