From hot to cold

New snowfallComing back a few days ago from the tropical weather of Queensland, Australia, I was pleasantly surprised to see snow falling from the sky on my first morning back. Of course, it’s not winter yet, and it might all melt, but there’s more snow predicted for the foreseeable future, so perhaps the winter base is laying its foundations.

Les impressive was the loss of my suitcase, which was discovered spending more time in Malaysia than my flight’s three-hour stopover. When it eventually arrived two days later, the frustrated delivery man asked me why I hadn’t answered my phone: he had been lost and had driven for a very long time trying to find my place. He managed the smallest grin when I pointed to the suitcase and explained that the charger was in there.

Meanwhile, Bruno the cat has been busy killing small furry things which I think are voles. He’s been leaving them on the doorsteps of the empty apartments in the same building, totalling nineteen bodies and three heads, plus a bird which he somehow managed to sneak inside when his temporary carer wasn’t looking. I’m not sure just how many he left on my own doorstep while I was away, but it’s clear that he has adapted well to life in the mountains. That is, at least, until this white stuff starts settling.

The annual ski sale by the ski shops — the braderie — takes place in La Clusaz this weekend. This is where the shopkeepers all pile into a big public building and sell off any old stock at reduced rates. At the moment, La Clusaz is quiet, with many restaurants and shops still closed between seasons. All this will change by Friday when locals from near and afar arrive to bag themselves a bargain. This is definitely the time to buy up big and pay little, so if you’re nearby, you might consider dropping in to see what’s on offer. I’ll be looking for fat skis while Bruno bemoans the return of the snow.


I'm a technical author, journalist and writer from Australia who has been living in Europe since 2000 and exploring the world from there. My passions are writing, snow sports and travel.

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3 comments on “From hot to cold
  1. Hi! Welcome back, and I’m glad we ordered the snow to fall just in time for your return. Frankly, I quite like the idea of jetting off to Australia for the winter, despite the risks of losing suitcases (hey, I’d just go shopping!) and having to take quicky-showers. But that’s not going to happen, so I’ll just have pile on the layers and suck it up. We should get together sometime, don’t you think?

  2. Bob says:

    I missed the Braderie but I was in town the week before fitting a new bathroom (actually I was the labourer but you get the idea). When the snow fell the plumber and I drove up to the car park near Chez Arthur and strapped on the skis (it was his first time!). I climbed up to the mini loup and wobbled down in the fresh powder. Not the most exciting hour on skis but the first time I have ever been on the snow in La Clusaz in early November. Lets just hope the early snow bodes well for a good season.

  3. April says:

    Bob, that sounds like an amusing hour on skis even if not the most exciting! I know several groups of people who climbed (one group went to the top of l’Aguille!) for the freshies and they loved the powdery goodness….although one pair of skis did not like the rocks just under the surface.

    Francesca, my mum is already complaining about the heat of summer in Melbourne – and it’s not summer yet! Perhaps you’d embrace it. I run away from it.

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