How to turn a van into a cow

Van in the Aravis, France transformed into a cow
Ever wanted to turn your old camper into a cow? Someone in Le Grand Bornand here in the Aravis can help you. Although the eyes suggest the cow has been on the whacky tobaccy, the rest is in order, with a decent set of horns, four legs, an udder, a lovely tail hanging out the back, and a great big mouth and tongue chewing some hay. There’s even a tag on the ear.

The cow van has been on the hill up from the French village of Thônes to advertise last weekend’s Fête de l’Alpage (cow fields fete) in Le Grand Bornand, which, as you can see from the photo, involved Reblochon cheese and probably a lot of cows. I missed it, but I’m not sure the fete could have been any better than the advertisement for the fete. In fact, I reckon I would have been let down if I’d gone and there were no other innovative cow art installations to take photos of. I’m looking forward to next year’s advertisement.


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