A jigsaw puzzle picture-perfect house

Jigsaw puzzle house closeup

Is this not something you’d find in a jigsaw puzzle? I live near it. The close-up with my terrible photography skills does not do this beautiful chalet the justice it deserves. How many flowers can exist on one wall? Walking past this place brings joy to people’s faces and always brightens my day even when the weather isn’t as sunny as it was on the morning that I took this photo. The flowers on the balcony are amazing, but I love the little touches, like the wheelbarrow full of flowers in the yard, and various ornamental pots that were once used as machinery parts dotted around the doors of the house.Every window and shutter has flowers; the wall has climbers; the steps down from the front of the property is lined with flowering pots of goodness.,

Jigsaw puzzle houseIn this zoomed-out image, you can see that the detail extends right to the end of the property, with well-maintained flowers and bushes in colours that compliment each other nicely. Something less man-made is the sky: it’s that postcard blue colour that I always presumed was captured with a filter or Photoshop, but here it is in one of my standard, dodgy photos taken without a tripod. Since moving to the Alps, I’ve noticed that the sky is often that fake colour that I’d seen in postcards. Who ever thought it was real? I’m pleased to have captured it in a photo as evidence of its existence!

Back to the jigsaw puzzle question. Is this not a jigsaw-puzzle-picture-worthy house? If I were a better photographer, I’d knock on the door and ask if I could take some photos…maybe stick a few people relaxing on the grass or kids playing with a bat and ball or something, then send the photo off to wherever jigsaw puzzle pictures go and hope to see it in the shops. I’d buy it. Wouldn’t you?


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4 comments on “A jigsaw puzzle picture-perfect house
  1. Jeanette says:

    How pretty..and what a job to create and maintain it, having tried for many years with my chalet to get it upto the standard of some of my neighbours flower displays. The sky – well, these last couple of weeks I am transfixed by the sky in the morning driving to work here in Gex. The remarkable cloud formations, the colours, the background ie. Mont Blanc in front or the Jura behind my flat, poking through the autumn mists and the sun slowly coming up and casting its shadows across the mountains. Quite stunning really. Sets me up nicely for a day at work..then I have just a view over Lac Leman and Mont Blanc in the distance… not too shabby a place to live and work really. Then its the Aravis scenary at the weekend.. quite special this place we in which we live, don’t you think? And thats before we have the snow and the beautiful winter days, crisp white snow on sun-kissed mountains. Aaaah, just great!

  2. April says:

    Oh you’ve captured my thoughts about the beauty around here perfectly. I’m constantly amazed at what nature displays for our eyes to drink in. Summer, autumn, winter and sprint – there’s always something to warm my heart when I look out the window. Lucky indeed.

  3. Rick says:

    Really a Perfect House!!!

  4. Sue says:

    Another factor is the cost, I try every year to decorate the front of our chalet as we do not have a garden. However plants are so expensive here.

    This year I even propagated some myself though hard going when you have to start doing this whilst still in the full swing of the season…so Bravo for this homeowner………making the day brighter for all who pass by!

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