Just a standard night out in Le Grand Bornand…

Le Grand Bornand is marketed as a family ski resort. They even hold a week-long summertime kids’ festival, and provide all sorts of family entertainment throughout the year. So it’s no surprise there’s only one nightclub in town.

Lalu disco poster - Le Grand BornandLalu Discotheque has been going for five or so years now, and it’s popular with the locals and tourists alike. The nightclub seems like a bit of a racy one (you might recall the smurf pubic hair flier). As you can see from this flier, there’s a sex toys party on tonight. What on earth happens at a sex toys party? Do they give out toys upon entry? Is there some sort of live act? Is it a swap fest? Or is it like a Tupperware party where everyone sits down and looks through brochures, while the party planner demonstrates and displays some of his or her favourite items?

I can’t help but wonder if this event is filled with old men in long coats, or perhaps today’s generation really is that easygoing that it’s now normal to go to sex toy parties at nightclubs. Is this unique in France? Am I just old?

I’d love to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and answer some of these questions by going tonight, but I’m opting for the old prude card and settling for a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fireplace instead.

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2 comments on “Just a standard night out in Le Grand Bornand…
  1. Sally says:

    In the interests of journalistic reportage I think you should go, Wendy.

    I’d always thought of Grand Bo as such a ‘naice’ place.

    Shame I’m not out, we could have gone together.

    Little shocks an old gimmer like me!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Wendy says:

    Sally, how about I let you know when the next party is and we can brave it together? 🙂

    It seems I’m not the only prude: a couple of people have unsubscribed from receiving my blog posts overnight!

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