Le Bélier race and cow bells

Cow bell on a skiLe Bélier (the name of a local goat-like sheep whose head forms the logo for La Clusaz) is a 27km course around the five peaks of La Clusaz (click here for the map if you want to see the route), which was held today. Participants can run or walk, and the goodies on offer on the way around differ for both. Walkers are offered local sausages and Reblochon cheese while the ‘serious’ runners get water and energy drinks. Walkers can choose to do just half the course (called “L’Agneau”, which means “lamb”), and many of my brave friends did one or the other today (well done to Dave, Alex, James, Paul, Jess, Richard, Samantha, Janelle, Steve, Max, Josh, Elliot and anyone else I’ve missed), with wobbly legs, a torn muscle and bloody toes just some of the outcomes from their efforts. Their reward, apart from the achievement itself, is a free massage and a meal involving more local sausage and some chocolate on bread, amongst other things.

I watched those doing the full Bélier course cross the finish line, and noticed this man who had an innovative take on the cow bell that’s so often heard at ski races in Europe and around the world. He’s stuck a cow bell on an old ski. If you’ve ever held a cow bell, you know how heavy cow bells are. Jingling them takes a fair amount of effort — and space. Carrying them to an event is dedication in itself! This man has all the answers: he can sling the ski over his shoulder while walking to his destination, then let the ski take the weight of the bell and simply wobble the ski to make the bell jingle. Congratulations again to everyone who took part in Le Bélier/L’Agneau today, but most of all, congratulations to this guy for coming up with such a great idea.


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3 comments on “Le Bélier race and cow bells
  1. jess says:

    can’t believe how quickly you got this post up as well as the FB photos. Glad you enjoyed the day and sorry not to see you for longer. Thank you for diarising the day for us – my photos are rubbish! great spot of the guy with the cow bell ski too – apparently there were some runners out there with cowbells attached to them – how on earth did they manage that? Seriously, some people are bonkers – too much cheese i reckon!

  2. dawn says:

    Hi, the man with the cow bell on ski, is that a training shoe on the other end ? and well done to all that took part in the race 🙂

  3. April says:

    Dawn, yes that’s a trainer on the other end. I’m not sure why.
    Jess, I can’t imagine running with a cow bell! Definitely too much cheese.

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