Only in rural France…

I’m doing a road trip from La Clusaz the South East of France to the South West, and I’ve noticed a few things. Only in rural France…

…do you see the rebellious elderly block off a car park by parking their car across the entrance so they can play pétanque (a bit like lawn bowls but without the grass);

…can you speed through a village (30km/h zone) at almost double the limit and have the police wave a thanks to you when you slow down because they’re crossing at a zebra crossing;

…are you required to stop when travelling on some main roads to give way to traffic from a side street on your right because of an ancient French law;

…do you see every signpost framed and mounted on wood just because they’ve got so much of the stuff;

…do they set up automated lights for a ten-metre stretch of roadwork, which the locals ignore and drive through when the light is red because the lights take five minutes to change to roadwork-green (ie, orange);

…do you see a family of four park their car by the side of the road, fold out their picnic table/chair set and have a picnic next to their car when there is a perfectly good nature reserve right next to them (with a picnic table free for use).

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I'm a technical author, journalist and writer from Australia who has been living in Europe since 2000 and exploring the world from there. My passions are writing, snow sports and travel.

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3 comments on “Only in rural France…
  1. Andy says:

    He he he. This is so true!

  2. Christophe says:

    That would be “pétanque”…;-)

  3. April says:

    Thanks Christophe – I’ve fixed up the spelling mistake now. :O)

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