Paintballing comes to the Aravis

<Aravis Paintball Mountain Park in Saint Jean de Sixt, France>Saint Jean de Sixt seems to be turning into some sort of sporting mecca lately, with the new petanque pits, the Bun-J Ride ramp, and now the Aravis Paintball Mountain Park. Late last year, a group of locals started a Facebook page to gauge the interest of such a park, and after the first few months of activity, everything went quiet. I presumed the idea had flopped. Then, on Friday 13th last week, the Facebook page burst back into life, announcing in French the inauguration for the following day.

At such short notice, I wondered how many people turned up for the opening. Like many of my local friends, I had already booked tickets to the Musilac music festival, so I couldn’t attend the opening. But that’s not to say it was a wash-out. With the number of hunters and sports fanatics around this area of France, I’m sure the business will do well through word of mouth alone.

For anyone interested in visiting, the Aravis Paintball Mountain Park is on the Danay — the big hill that divides Le Grand Bornand and La Clusaz, accessible from Saint Jean de Sixt just after the petrol station. Paintball enthusiasts will be aware that paint balls are cheaper to buy in bulk off the internet, but they will need to leave them at home: the park’s website states that only the paint balls purchased at the Aravis Painball Mountain Park can be used “for environmental reasons”.

Bets are now open for the next sport craze to hit Saint Jean de Sixt. I’m going with marmott racing.

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3 comments on “Paintballing comes to the Aravis
  1. Emm says:

    Hmmm, I’ve never done paintball before. I’m a little wary, having been on the wrong side of a gun before (bank robbery) and I believe paintball hurts! Maybe I should give it a try??

  2. Thanks for your support, i’m in charge of the public relation, marketing et finance department.

    Your sum up is very good and we are open since July 14th.
    Our site is quiet finished. Of course we have still some things to upgrade.

    Thanks a lot for supporting us on our environnement respect.

    The thing you have to know is : We are ready for Paintballers, novice or expert.
    Let’s check out our website on
    Have Fun !

  3. Wendy says:

    Emm, that sounds horrible! I’ve only paintballed once and it was way too organised for my liking: I just wanted to run around shooting paint at my mates instead of having to assign people to crawl under stuff, ‘secure’ a lookout etc. The balls only hurts at close range, but you’re well covered from head to foot in protective clothing.

    Aravis painball people, je vous en prie. Bon courage et à bientôt j’espere!

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