The party crowd hits Annecy

The 21st of June is a special day in France and other parts of the world. It’s the national day of music – la Fête de la Musique. After much uncertainty about the weather, I headed down to Annecy with umbrella in hand. There was the usual quirky stuff and non-mainstream bands which I’ve written about before, like the death metal band singing to an audience wearing mostly black.

As I looked around at the crowd, I wondered where this lot go for the rest of the year. There are few lively venues in Annecy that cater for anything that hasn’t made it into the charts during the past 50 years. When they put their arms in the air to do the devil’s horns (index finger and pinky sticking up while the rest are folded down), some of them left their thumbs sticking out, as if they were telling the devil to hang loose (hang loose, if you don’t know, is thumb and pinky sticking out only). Come on, goths and headbangers, you’re letting the team down. Know your devil’s horns.

Rain unfortunately caused a whole lot of the stages to close early, no doubt disappointing hundreds of band members who had been hoping for that big break, but the good times continued elsewhere. Never in Annecy have I seen such a party atmosphere as the one created by a ska band in the old town. The crowd danced and clapped, and their vocals were almost as loud as the band’s. Here’s some footage:

Not bad for 11pm on a wet Thursday night, eh?

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3 comments on “The party crowd hits Annecy
  1. Steph says:

    It’s a shame the weather was so bad for this year’s fete de la musique. 🙁 The festival is usually a great time to discover new bands.
    Looks like you had fun!

  2. Hoyin says:

    I miss this a lot… I lived in Annecy in the Summer of 2008 and Les Noctibules was one of the highlights of my stay.

  3. Wendy says:

    Steph, there’s always next year, but I did feel sorry for all those bands who were waiting backstage for their moment of fame, only to have it rained away.

    Hoyin, I think 2008 was the first year I stumbled onto Les Noctibules by pure accident. Annecy is certainly a thriving place in summer (and empty in winter!).

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