Quorn returns to Haute Savoie!

A little while ago, I wrote about how vegetarian food is often stocked next to the meatiest options possible. Carrefour have gone one step further, with their placement of Quorn products, which were recently reintroduced in France after a long absence.

Carrefour recently created their own brand of vegetarian products, and it seems they don’t want any competition from such a successful brand as Quorn. At least, that’s only reason I can come up with when I see where the Quorn products have been placed. Imagine the worst place possible. Is it next to the black pudding like Intermarché’s vegie burgers? Nope: that would be an improvement.

No, Carrefour Annecy are stocking Quorn products in the deepest, darkest corner where vegetarians fear going. In the back corner, there’s a meat section for minced meat, leftover lumps of meat for pets, hotdogs and more. Sandwiched between the smoked meats and halal meats (more offensive to any vegetarian than typical meat, as the animal probably suffered, being fully aware rather than stunned before bleeding to death), is Quorn. Just check those signs: “MEAT”, “MEAT”, “SMOKED MEAT”, “La la la vegetarian rainbows and unicorns”:

Quorn - Carrefour Annecy - stocked with meat

Quorn placement in Annecy CarrefourYes, hiding among packages of blood and flesh is a vegetarian range of products, including Quorn sausages, hamburgers, fake chicken breasts, pepper ‘chicken’, sandwich slices, fake chicken pieces, minced ‘meat’ and more.

I’m not convinced that meat lovers frequenting this dead end of the supermarket would be enticed by a piece of textured mushroom that never clucked, mooed or oinked. Nor can I imagine many vegetarians just happening to walk by such a broad variety of dead animals, let alone looking closely enough to notice this bizarre placement of Quorn meat-free products! Alas, this is France, where a waiter once insisted that chicken was not meat when I objected. And so, I expect Quorn will continue rubbing its fake shoulders with the salted, real shoulders right next door. Yum yum.

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2 comments on “Quorn returns to Haute Savoie!
  1. Lesley says:

    Well those four packets are marked ‘nou veau’ in green !

  2. Wendy says:

    Haha! Excellent play on words there, Lesley! They’re clearly in the right spot after all. 😀

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