Snow in Annecy in September

<Picture of snow in Annecy in September, sponsored by Burton snowboards>
Yesterday, there was snow in Annecy, and it was 27°. Okay, it was man-made snow, but the kids didn’t know the difference. The snow was there as part of the weekend’s Reels Festival (winter sports movies at the Decavision cinema in Annecy), and that big marquee in the background was full of next season’s snowboards. But who cares about new equipment when there’s such entertainment on the snow outside? Kids were able to try snowboarding for the very first time, and some took to it like ducks to water. A two-year-old boy just couldn’t fall over, but I’m pretty sure there was no skill involved: his centre of gravity was so low to the ground (and his ski pants very baggy as they had none small enough for him) that he had no way of toppling the big snowboard under him. Signs, like the road sign-style one on the left in the photo above, were dotted around the gentle slope, and when one of the kids reached the tiny quarter pipe at the end of the snow, his helper flipped him around in the air as if he had done a full 360° flip. The kid was impressed and the helper was enjoying every second of it. In the background is a Forum snowboard stand selling hot dogs, although it was closed when I was there. I guess the staff figured their mother company Burton had  stolen the show with the snow already and gorged themselves on hot dogs instead.

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3 comments on “Snow in Annecy in September
  1. Emm says:

    Wendy! I have to complain! Your headline is misleading!!! I just told my whole office that it is snowing in France already. (I’m just kidding but I kind of did bust myself for reading blogs at work!!) This is actually a great idea; get the skiing season started so that it is already in full swing when the big falls come. That little two-year-old sounds like the cutest thing!

  2. Wendy says:

    Sorry for busting you at work like that. That headline is misleading, yet totally true! There was snow – it was just manmade. 🙂 Seeing those kids has certainly ignited my flame for winter. Bring on the snow (not man-made)!

  3. Benjamin says:

    The mountains around the town of Annecy are: Le Mont Veyrier, Le Semnoz, La Tournette and the Parmelan.

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