Speed dating, Manigod style

<Picture of speed dating sign at chairlift>Sometimes, chairlift queues can be long, so many ski resorts use a ‘solo’ lane where people can jump the queue to fill in any empty seats on chairlifts, reducing their own time in the queue and the overall size of the queue too.

The staff at a the two-seater chairlift in Manigod came up with an interesting idea for St Valentine’s Day, adding a sign next to the solo lane that said “Valentine’s Day – Speed Dating – Single Girls”, with an arrow pointing to the solo passage. A similar sign for single men graced the Ski School lane, and heart-shaped red balloons tied to the bars along both lanes bobbed in the breeze.

Being a two-seater, it was the perfect setting for speed dating, with the option for those unhappy with their date to ski off quickly once at the top.

The only person I saw in the solo lane was a young boy, who was queue jumping to catch up to his mum who had pushed ahead without him. Better luck next year?


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4 comments on “Speed dating, Manigod style
  1. Tom Long says:

    That is a sweet idea 🙂
    This sort of thing is why I love the Aravis stations, I can’t imagine it anywhere else.

  2. Ahhh! That’s so cute and what a great idea! Hope a few people found their date this way. That would have been nice.

  3. Wendy says:

    Tom, I can’t imagine it anywhere else either. The Milka cow handing out chocolates is also back on the Piste Mauve!
    Ashley, I might ask the staff next time I’m over there. They’ll probably stare blankly while trying to understand what on earth I’m asking, but it’s worth a shot.

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