St Jean de Sixt looks like February

<Photo of the snowy roundabout in Saint Jean de Sixt, France>
Pictured is the Saint Jean de Sixt roundabout and the back of the Beauregard peak of La Clusaz in the background, as well as a truck being filled with snow to dump in the river.

<Photo of the truck taking snow away in Saint Jean de Sixt, France>Yes, there’s been so much snow all the way down the valley that trucks are taking it away. What I love about this photo is the red flashing light on the top of the truck’s cabin: it’s surrounded by snow and it barely shows up as a slight pink tinge. Nobody has bothered removing the snow from the snow-removing truck.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this much snow in St Jean de Sixt, even during February, when the snow has normally had time to build up over a few months. With around a metre of powdery white stuff in the village, the top of La Clusaz must be pretty good right now.

After days of seeing snow falling from a white sky and the distant forest and mountains shrouded in cloud, the blue sky is finally poking through and the sun is coming through. Would you like to see some more snowy photos with the sun glistening?

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4 comments on “St Jean de Sixt looks like February
  1. Tom Long says:

    Mmm, more snow porn please 😉
    I can’t be there but I can still look at pictures and pretend!

  2. I can’t believe how much snow there has been this year! Even for Grenoble it has been a lot and more coming down now! Love the bit with the snow truck not being de-snowed! ha!

  3. Wendy says:

    We’ve almost had to tunnel from the street to our door we had so much more overnight (not helped by the snow clearer leaving a metre-high ‘gate’ over our path… I hope you’re enjoying it in Grenoble – so pretty!

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