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The constants no matter where you live

Moving countries can be a lonely business. If you’re leaving family behind, you need to find a new support network in your new country, and sometimes that’s not easy. Even if family come with you, there might be language and

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More baby goats in the Aravis

I recently wrote about the lovely baby goats I got to feed and pat at the refuge near Thônes called Le Ferme des Vônezins. The ones pictured here are different goats in a very accessible place, and I’m surprised that

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It’s fly swatting season in the French Alps!

You might remember my rant a few years ago about the lack of fly wire screens in rural France despite the high number of flies due to the cows. This year, the late spring has kept fly numbers down. This

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Possibly the best refuge in Haute Savoie!

Why have I posted this gorgeous photo of a baby goat? She was one of the lovely surprises that greeted us at Le Ferme des Vônezins refuge near Thônes when a group of us went there in March. If you’re

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When conversational French isn’t good enough

The other day in Annecy, I was sitting by the lake and watching some ducks. I was also watching three boys wading through the shallow water throwing something at the ducks. At first, I thought it was food. They were

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October in the French Alps

I know you were all panicking about the cows going up the hill in September, so I wanted to let you know that this week, the same cows descended. The warm weather allowed them to graze in the field just

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September in the Alps

Not much happens here in September here in the French Alps, so this weeks’ two big events were some cows walking down through St Jean de Sixt and some cows walking up through town. While I watched them amble past,

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Where else in the world would this happen?

It’s been a few years since I mentioned the Fete du Reblochon, but watching the parade here in La Clusaz the other day made me realise it’s time to bring it up again. Where else in the world would you

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Options for kids who like riding ponies

When I was a kid, a pony ride involved getting on a pony and having some horse-loving teenager lead the pony around a paddock. I always wanted to gallop off by myself, but I was far too young to know

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Swimming across Lake Annecy

Some 597 swimmers braved the unusually chilly water of Lake Annecy, surrounded by the French Alps, yesterday to complete a 2,400-metre race. Registration was somewhat subdued, with rain dolloping down, but the clouds cleared and the race finished with blue

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