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Asian food in Annecy

Just a few summers ago, the few Chinese restaurants in Annecy served less than authentic food, including omelettes and stir-fries using tasteless, pre-cut, frozen vegetables. Some were called ‘Asiastique’ restaurants, serving everything from Thai to Japanese — the authenticity watered

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Chocolate sausages?

Ah, French chocolate shops. They know their stuff. The ones in Annecy create all sorts of amazing chocolate sculptures for their window displays and sell the most delicate shapes with all sorts of interesting flavours. Even their slabs of chocolate

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Important changes in Annecy

I was down in Annecy with a friend last night for a movie and a meal. We decided to eat at the little-known Mediterranean gem just outside of town, but when we got there, it was gone. Their food was

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Carrefour Annecy has some explaining to do

I’m not sure I need to write anything to accompany this photo, which I snapped this week in the carpark of the Carrefour supermarket in Annecy here in the French Alps. But I will. I remember my secondary school days,

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ANARCHY!! Now, how about a croque monsiuer?

There’s a bar in Annecy which specialises in looking grungy. The toilet walls have been repainted so many times that they’re about an inch thicker and the bar’s walls are plastered with posters of rebellion, such as this Sex Pistols

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Supermarket fun

The eternal shopper in me enjoys exploring foreign supermarkets for local products and cultural differences, and supermarkets here in the French Alps have pleasantly wide aisles to accommodate most busy times. When I first moved here, I appreciated the extra

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Swimming across Lake Annecy

Some 597 swimmers braved the unusually chilly water of Lake Annecy, surrounded by the French Alps, yesterday to complete a 2,400-metre race. Registration was somewhat subdued, with rain dolloping down, but the clouds cleared and the race finished with blue

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Only at a French petrol pump…

…would you see this offer of buying baguettes. That’s right. Here is a sign offering a free baguette at the supermarket attached to the petrol station I was filling up my car at. Only in France.

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Annecy loses 2018 Winter Olympics bid

This is how the green fields of the Paquier area of Annecy could have looked in seven years’ time had they won the 2018 Winter Olympics bid. However, favourite contenders Pyeongchang in South Korea won, leaving the Paquier full of

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Annecy 2018?

With just weeks to go before the decision of who will host the 2018 Winter Olympics is announced, I spotted this graffiti in Annecy. In case you didn’t guess, “NON” in French means “NO” in English, and this sign is right

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