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Win a cow!

Although Saint Jean de Sixt is just up the road from the city of Annecy, certain aspects of life are still very rural. Take this raffle ticket, for example. First prize is a cow. Yes, that’s right: you can win

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The stuffed fox in Croix Fry

This is part one of three posts about how to annoy the locals merely by giving them your custom. My friend Elodie celebrated her birthday this week, and she wanted to start with an apero (a pre-dinner drink). She called

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Controversial roundabout in the Aravis

Last year, the big roundabout between Thônes and Alex that links Annecy to La Clusaz and surrounds was merely a steep mound of grass that locals would sometimes drive over the top of for fun. It’s unusual to find a

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Le Parmelan near Dingy-St-Clair

Happy New Year! Sorry it’s been a while. I’m now (hopefully!) back to regular posting. Pictured is a photo I took while I was driving from Annecy back to Saint Jean de Sixt yesterday. The big rock is Le Parmelan,

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Saint Jean de Sixt-style salesmen

Pictured is what happens if you answer to a French friend “Yes, we do need some potatoes.” That’s 20 kilograms of potatoes right there in my house. Small children weigh less. Once a year, a man knocks on the doors

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A beautiful castle with a noble history

Pictured below is the Menthon St Bernard castle. There are so many impressive facts about this castle, starting with this week’s posthumous award as Righteous Among the Nations for Count Henri de Menthon, who housed three Jewish kids during World

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Cupcakes in Annecy!

Cupcakes. I remember my grandma teaching me how to make them before the muffin came along and took all the glory. This decade’s cupcake revolution has seen shops like The Hummingbird Bakery in London, where the cupcakes are only sold

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The most difficult time of the year

The end of August means the approach of la rentrée in France, when kids re-enter school for the year (and thus, la rentrée). Yes, the French have a word for the return to school and work after the school holidays

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Good, wholesome fun

Teams from five villages met on Friday night in Saint Jean de Sixt for the annual inter-village games (Les Gamineries des Aravis), but you might notice that there are six different coloured teams. A group of tourists makes up the

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Paintballing comes to the Aravis

Saint Jean de Sixt seems to be turning into some sort of sporting mecca lately, with the new petanque pits, the Bun-J Ride ramp, and now the Aravis Paintball Mountain Park. Late last year, a group of locals started a

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