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French history at the Plateau de Glières

Pictured is the memorial set up for the local resistance fighters during World War 2 who lost their battle and their lives. A quick overview: the Plateau des Glières in the Aravis mountain range of France was the perfect location

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What’s missing from this photo?

At first, you might not notice anything missing from this photo, but if you were walking past it regularly, you’d notice the absence of the mannequins. I’ve written about them lots of times, but they’ve been missing for a few

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Bizarre graffiti

This stencil graffiti has started appearing around the Aravis. So far, I’ve seen it here, on the road between Thônes and St Jean de Sixt in the village of Les Villards sûr Thônes, as well as on the outskirts of

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Trees carved into figures where they once stood

Something that appeared in La Clusaz in recent years is this cluster of four statues carved out of wood. What makes these special is that they’ve been carved where the original trees grew. Their roots are still in the ground.

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A jigsaw puzzle picture-perfect house

Is this not something you’d find in a jigsaw puzzle? I live near it. The close-up with my terrible photography skills does not do this beautiful chalet the justice it deserves. How many flowers can exist on one wall? Walking

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Bringing life to mannequins

I went for a walk the other morning and found a mannequin being serenaded by another mannequin. I stopped to have a look at the silent scene and drank in the detail. As you can see from the photo below,

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Backyard travels part 2

On a walk through St Jean de Sixt yesterday, I noticed the garden scene below. Something’s a bit NQR (Not Quite Right), right? That’s not a real person! That’s not a real café either. The donkey is only two-dimensional. And,

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Annecy Animation Festival 2010

It’s that time of year again, when movie buffs, media students and animation geeks from all over the world swarm to Annecy for the week-long International Annecy Animation Film Festival. This year, the fashion seems to be badges on bags,

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House of chaos museum

After challenging everyone to visit attractions close to home, I drove for two hours to Lyon last weekend and visited la Demeure du Chaos (the Abode of Chaos) with a friend who lives nearby (do I get half a point

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Contemporary art in the Aravis

Wandering through Le Grand Bornand the other day, I came across this art installation (click on the image for a bigger version) by Miguel Chevalier. The image shows just half the room of digital snowflakes, projected on three walls of

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