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Travis Rice: That’s it? That’s all?

Each year, La Clusaz puts on a free ski/snowboard movie. For the past few seasons, we’ve had Candide Thovex movies, and they’ve been great. Last year, despite waiting outside for more than an hour, the cinema finally let us in

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La Clusaz Free Sessions (aka Candide Invitational minus Candide)

The La Clusaz Tourist Office has announced the La Clusaz Free Sessions. This confirms the death of the Candide Invitational for 2009 in La Clusaz. This new event takes place in La Clusaz in March (like the Candide Invitational), with

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The new Candide Invitational 2009

As I predicted, Candide will indeed be holding an event in Tignes. It’s not actually called the Candide Invitational 2009, but it seems to be the closest thing so far. The Riderscup (yes, one word) will see two teams competing

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Candide Thovex and the Coreupt crew

No, that’s not a typo, there’s a new ski ‘posse’ called Coreupt (or coreUPT — they can’t seem to decide), and Candide Thovex is in with them. The news isn’t actually that recent, but I’ve only just discovered the (very

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Candide Invitational 2009 — on or off?

So…Candide Thovex. He’s a local hero here in La Clusaz, having won many freestyle skiing competitions and attaining the title of world champion a few years ago. He’s been holding the Candide Invitational freestyle competition — four days of bling,

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