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France’s most searched dish

Tartiflette with Reblochon cheese

Tartiflette has been listed as Google’s top recipe search for France. So what is tartiflette and is the rest of the world going to jump on the bandwagon? First of all, you might be surprised to learn that tartiflette —

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Surely this is like selling fridges to Eskimos

Blue cheese in France

French cheese is loved throughout the world for its high quality and taste. It seems the stinkier the better, and the farms around here in La Clusaz are testament to just how stinky cheese caves can be. When my friends

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Skiing on plastic with wooden skis

The trampoline competition wasn’t the only event in the Aravis last weekend. La Clusaz hosted the annual Fête du Reblochon (cheese festival), and this year, I recorded some of the skiing action. Yes, there’s skiing at the Fête du Reblochon.

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More baby goats in the Aravis

I recently wrote about the lovely baby goats I got to feed and pat at the refuge near Thônes called Le Ferme des Vônezins. The ones pictured here are different goats in a very accessible place, and I’m surprised that

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Eating at a refuge

This is part two of three posts about how to annoy the locals merely by giving them your custom. As you may recall, my friend, Elodie, celebrated her birthday last week, and she started the evening with an apero in

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Controversial roundabout in the Aravis

Last year, the big roundabout between Thônes and Alex that links Annecy to La Clusaz and surrounds was merely a steep mound of grass that locals would sometimes drive over the top of for fun. It’s unusual to find a

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Le Farto fromagerie in Thones

Continuing on from other great French terms and business names that don’t translate well in English, such as Milk et Bousse (manure) dairy farm, Shag Café and Lad’s (sic) Services of La Clusaz, pictured is Le Farto fromagerie in Thônes.

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French graffiti part 1

You might be wondering why I have taken a photo of some graffiti. Let me explain. Months ago, the white graffiti, ‘SAVOIE LIBRE‘ appeared near the road between Annecy and Thônes, with a white cross on a red background —

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The Grammys, La Clusaz style

La Clusaz has all sorts of festivals in summer and winter, but now that school holidays are over, today’s fair was all about the locals. The Foire de la Croix is a chance for the local farmers to catch up

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Your own, personal, (Mini) Jesus

What you’re looking at here is a Mini Jesus de Lyon (also available on a larger scale as Jesus de Lyon). How did Jesus get some pork sausages named after him? I asked a variety of French friends but none

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