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No, these sweets aren’t a joke!

Stopping in for lunch on the way back to Haute Savoie a few weeks ago, I spotted these haute gourmandise sweets for sale. The boxed version on the right is the most bizarre packaging I’ve seen so far in France,

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Does this make you want chocolate?

Just when you thought chocolate adverts in France couldn’t get any weirder (I’m thinking about the Kinder Maxi advert where a woman on a train offers a random kid some chocolate, while some lyrics “If we sleep together would it

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Traditional French chocolates at Christmas

Searching the internet, you will find thousands of reports of non-French people getting fed up with life in France, whether it’s based on difficulty with the language or the seemingly endless paperwork to get things done. You won’t, however, find

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French adverts with English lyrics

It’s been a while since I wrote about the absurdity of the Kinder Bueno advert, which stars tennis champion Jo Wilfried Tsonga. French television advertisements are the usual mix of brilliant, funny, cheesy and terrible that are seen throughout the

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How to eat a nun

Don’t be alarmed by the title of this blog post. The French word  ‘religieuse‘ means ‘nun’ in English, and is also the name of this tasty looking treat. Other treats not pictured include the ‘chausson aux pommes‘ (‘apple slipper’: Cornish

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What’s a piste mauve?

Ski runs in France are usually marked in colours: green for easy; blue for intermediate; red for advanced; and black for experts. Yet La Clusaz boasts a piste mauve (a purple piste). A few other resorts also have a piste

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Just give her the Kinder Bueno!

Today, I was going to write about something completely different in France, but this TV advertisement came on and it annoys me so much that I had to write about it. Perhaps it’s just me applying far too much logic

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Easter eggs or Christmas decorations?

Ahhh, I have such fond memories of the Easter Bunny leaving me chocolate treats when I was a kid. I remember heading out into the garden in my jim-jams and trying to find just a few Easter eggs before my

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The French version of a cracker

My childhood Christmas dinners involved roast turkey and hot plum pudding (sometimes on 40+°C days) in Australia, and they always started with the Christmas cracker. You know, those bits of paper or foil with a ‘party’ crown (a thin paper

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