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You just don’t see this in the city

Some things are a bit different here in the countryside of France. For instance, how many cities offer a calf as a prize? Here in La Clusaz, it’s a regular thing. You might remember the raffle last year, and now,

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Great weather for drying washing

A new layer of snow has enveloped the Alps, but only after three solid weeks of sunshine, raising temperatures up to 22°C here in Saint Jean de Sixt and melting a lot of snow. These are perfect examples of how

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The Grammys, La Clusaz style

La Clusaz has all sorts of festivals in summer and winter, but now that school holidays are over, today’s fair was all about the locals. The Foire de la Croix is a chance for the local farmers to catch up

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September in the Alps

Not much happens here in September here in the French Alps, so this weeks’ two big events were some cows walking down through St Jean de Sixt and some cows walking up through town. While I watched them amble past,

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Segways arrive in the Alps

Who knew that Segways were for mountain-loving thrill seekers? According to this brochure advertising their arrival to La Clusaz, a Segway can help you “attack the mountain”. I think I might have to agree with that: the weight of the

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Corsica: The Good

A quick visit south last week was my last hope for warm days before winter kicks in, so Corsica seemed like a good place to start. Although the island is closer to Italy, it’s under French governance (after various others

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Cow in a car

No, you are not imagining things. This really is a photo of a cow in a car — a Renault 5 to be exact. This is a car with only three doors, so there’s not that much space between the

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