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For your safety, you cannot have these snow tyres

I’ve ranted before about the ridiculous amount of paperwork in France, but I never expected it to impinge on the simple act of getting some snow tyres fitted to a car. You’d think it’d be as simple as going to

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Stupid but important road signs in France

If you ever drive in France, you need to know this road rule. It’s some weird hangover from the past that sometimes causes confusion at roundabouts and often results in accidents. This yellow diamond with a black strike through it

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What on earth is this?

“What on earth is this?” was the question someone asked me as we drove under this thing. What do you think it is? The answer is actually very simple, and the name gives it away. In French it’s called a

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Tailgating in France

If you’ve ever driven in France, this photo will not surprise you. It’s something I just can’t get used to — tailgating. As you can see, even quad bikes tailgate. Apologies for the out-of-focus photo (I snapped it while driving

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How not to make a mannequin pose

A shop in the French town of Annecy a few weeks ago had these mannequins displayed in their window. The one facing the front is alright, but the other one looks like he’s having a wee. At first, I was

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Big truck on small road

The road between St Jean de Sixt and Bonneville is sketchy at times to say the least. If it’s not boulders falling onto the road, it’s local drivers doing crazy speeds to catch up behind you and tailgate you around

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Nice Frenchness I take for granted

My mum arrived a few days ago, and I’m enjoying seeing France through her Australian eyes. She’s reminding me of all the great and odd things about France that I’ve become so used to that I barely even notice. The

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The best car advertisement ever

French advertisements can be really funny, and this one for Citroen cars makes me giggle every time I see it: What do you think? Funny or lame?

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Driving in France – car signs

For years, I’ve lived in France and been confused about a few signs on cars (and on roads, but we’ll save that for another time). I thought this black and white sign was a graphic version of ‘Baby on Board’

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Parking, French style

I think the picture says it all, but in case you don’t see it, there are some parking bay lines painted over a new walkway and garden. Was the painter annoyed at the loss of some car parks to this

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