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Graffiti in St Jean de Sixt, France

French graffiti is just like English graffiti, with references to romance, sex and smoking drugs seeming to be just as popular here as they are in English-speaking countries. Most of the graffiti is in French, and sometimes I can figure

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On the ‘Highway to L’

A shop popped up in both La Clusaz and Thônes recently called ‘Highway to L’. I guess they’re AC/DC fans because French people tend to leave off the ‘h’s when they pronounce English words. In fact, ‘Highway to Hell’ is

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Fancy a door pudding?

Flicking through a catalogue the other day, I spotted these door puddings! Okay, they’re draft stoppers, but the description says “boudin de porte” which translates to “door pudding”. In France, draft stoppers are indeed called door puddings. If only the

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When French words are really English

Pictured are some walkie talkies, or, as they’re known in France, talkie walkies. The French are proud of their language, and rightly so, and they go out of their way to create new words so the English language doesn’t take

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French adverts with English lyrics

It’s been a while since I wrote about the absurdity of the Kinder Bueno advert, which stars tennis champion Jo Wilfried Tsonga. French television advertisements are the usual mix of brilliant, funny, cheesy and terrible that are seen throughout the

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When conversational French isn’t good enough

The other day in Annecy, I was sitting by the lake and watching some ducks. I was also watching three boys wading through the shallow water throwing something at the ducks. At first, I thought it was food. They were

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SPRUNG! Knowing when to keep quiet

Superdry. When I hear the word ‘superdry’, I think of nappies. Don’t you? Of course, there’s the clothing company with the same name, and they like sticking their logo on their clothes, as clothing companies do. Thanks to this clothing

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Fancy a kebab?

The late-night kebab is a much-loved snack in many parts of the world, and France is no exception. Here we have a kebab van, with a name that’s probably okay in French. Yes, it’s in France so it shouldn’t matter

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Lad’s services arrive in La Clusaz

Okay, I know this is just an unfortunate translation, but it made me giggle, wondering exactly what lads’ services the occupants of this car were offering. For non-Brits, ‘lads’ is a bit of a stereotype of those guys you see

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October in the French Alps

I know you were all panicking about the cows going up the hill in September, so I wanted to let you know that this week, the same cows descended. The warm weather allowed them to graze in the field just

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