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When translation goes wrong — again

The January sales have been on in France, and I can only presume that some of the English slogans on the t-shirts were identified as mistakes, and sent to the sales to be sold on the cheap. Pictured are a

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On the ‘Highway to L’

A shop popped up in both La Clusaz and Thônes recently called ‘Highway to L’. I guess they’re AC/DC fans because French people tend to leave off the ‘h’s when they pronounce English words. In fact, ‘Highway to Hell’ is

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Current fashion or patriotism?

My favourite French friend, who introduces herself as Lilly to non-French people to save them from trying to pronounce Aurélie, visited recently. She arrived in a blue and white-striped long-sleeved top — her current favourite. She brought a box of

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Alternatives to downhill winter sports #1

Cross-country skiing. What a dumb thing to do when there are chairlifts that take you to the top of a hill so you can enjoy the slide down. And that’s why it’s taken me until this year to try it

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Lad’s services arrive in La Clusaz

Okay, I know this is just an unfortunate translation, but it made me giggle, wondering exactly what lads’ services the occupants of this car were offering. For non-Brits, ‘lads’ is a bit of a stereotype of those guys you see

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ANARCHY!! Now, how about a croque monsiuer?

There’s a bar in Annecy which specialises in looking grungy. The toilet walls have been repainted so many times that they’re about an inch thicker and the bar’s walls are plastered with posters of rebellion, such as this Sex Pistols

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It’s never really summer in the Alps

Yesterday was a really beautiful day for Le Bélier marathon here in La Clusaz, France. Participants who climbed the five peaks of the resort either walking from 7.30am or running from 9am were grateful for the cooler morning temperatures after

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Tests for tourists: symbols part 3

The tourists have mostly cleared out of the ski resorts now, signalling an early start to road work and the closure of pistes worn down through a combination of warm sun, rain and people sliding down them. However, some tourists

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French men dressed as women

WARNING: stereotypes a-plenty a-hoy! Please take the following with a giant grain of salt or two. Here we go. French men seem to love being women. Pictured are three of my friends at last night’s ‘Priscilla party’ at Le Salto

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Annual carnival craziness

Last night, La Clusaz held its annual carnival, with groups dressed in 70s disco outfits, cops and prisoners, Star Wars characters, Cleopatras being carried by mummies, various superheros, and even a ladybird. The parade is held early so that kids,

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