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A fete without the main attraction

Pictured is one of the two planes that performed stunts at the Defi Foly in La Clusaz last weekend. After contestants slid down the snowy ramp and into the freezing Lac des Confins on Saturday, a group of us wheeled

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Alternatives to downhill winter sports #5

Okay, this one is a bit downhill, but there’s also some fast uphill and huge thrills. It’s tandem speed riding. Single-person speed riding is still a relatively new sport in the paragliding family of sports. It involves a wing about

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Flight attendants and language

I’ve always been impressed with how many languages flight attendants speak on international flights, and in the past, easyJet has been no exception. On my flight over to England from Geneva last week, the two flight attendants greeting passengers were

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Does France need Krispy Kreme donuts?

Pictured is a Krispy Kreme custard-filled, chocolate hand-dipped donut (halo by me). How on earth does this relate to living in the French Alps? It doesn’t really. I just wanted to find an excuse to talk about these delicious donuts.

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