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Surely this is like selling fridges to Eskimos

Blue cheese in France

French cheese is loved throughout the world for its high quality and taste. It seems the stinkier the better, and the farms around here in La Clusaz are testament to just how stinky cheese caves can be. When my friends

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No, France, you cannot claim Tim Tams!

Walking through the supermarket the other day, I was surprised to see the tasty Australian Tim Tam biscuit placed right next to a “Regional Products” banner. The Tim Tam biscuit has been hanging around in French supermarkets for a while

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Artisan vs industrial bakeries

In France, there are two types of bakery — artisan and non-artisan (aka industrial). Artisan bakeries combine their bread mix on site and never freeze their dough. Bakeries that make up bread off site (even if they bake it on site

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Baguettes are evil

Talk to any Francophile and they’ll praise the baguette as a tasty piece of baked perfection. I am not one of those people. I don’t like baguettes. It’s controversial, obviously, but it’s the truth. I get annoyed when I hear

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Traditional French chocolates at Christmas

Searching the internet, you will find thousands of reports of non-French people getting fed up with life in France, whether it’s based on difficulty with the language or the seemingly endless paperwork to get things done. You won’t, however, find

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The Tipiak ladies scare me

The Tipiak ladies from Brittany

An unnerving advertisement has made its way back onto French TV. It’s the Tipiak ladies from Brittany. Basically, these three old ladies are sitting around chatting in their traditional Brittany outfits (which really look like a lot of effort to

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Frozen yoghurt reaches Annecy!

Frozen yoghurt in Annecy, French alps

When I was growing up in Australia, one of my favourite snacks was frozen yoghurt. It had the consistency of soft-serve and was available in a variety of flavours (unlike soft-serve). The climate in France is more conducive to crepes

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France for Aussies

Photo inside the Paris Louvre

Having lived in France for years, I’ve become used to the culture and the way day-to-day life is carried out. Things don’t seem as odd or as charming as they used to, and certain aspects of the French culture that

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French Alps and banana plants

Every fancied living in the French Alps? What a high-altitude paradise it is, with all that snow, the furry wildlife, the hot summer sun and crisp summer nights, and the fields of banana plants. Eh? Banana plants? No, they’re not

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Does absence make the heart grow fonder of France?

I’m back in St Jean de Sixt now after a month away from France. Visiting Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Greece, I planned ahead to fit in as much action and relaxation time as possible. I expected I would look

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