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The French love affair with English words

Did you know that France is the world’s most popular country for tourism? Despite their reputed gruffness, the French population must be doing something right, right? France is a proud nation of people who (sometimes illogically) support regional food and

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Discovering the gems of France

Despite living in France for years, I’m amazed at how much there is left to discover right on my doorstep. The perfect example is the Musiques En Stock festival in Cluses. I only found out about the festival when a

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How to get a Samsung phone fixed in France

One of the problems with buying a phone on a British website and receiving it from a German address is knowing who to contact when it breaks. My Samsung phone broke under warranty, so I want to a phone shop

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The importance of French pronunciation

French can be a tricky language when it comes to pronunciation. For mysterious reasons, the basic rule is that the last letter of a word isn’t pronounced. For example, ‘un croissant‘ is pronounced without the ‘t’. However, if it’s made

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Artisan vs industrial bakeries

In France, there are two types of bakery — artisan and non-artisan (aka industrial). Artisan bakeries combine their bread mix on site and never freeze their dough. Bakeries that make up bread off site (even if they bake it on site

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Haggling in your second language

I recently came back from a week in Morocco, where I was able to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the cities. French is the second language in Morocco — a country where the locals are comfortable speaking many different

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Chrysanthemums and death in France

French chrysanthemums and death in France

There’s a reason that faux pas is a French phrase. As a non-French person, I’m constantly making mistakes with both the language and the culture. I reckon they invented it for foreigners. As mortifying as it can be to mix

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France for Aussies

Photo inside the Paris Louvre

Having lived in France for years, I’ve become used to the culture and the way day-to-day life is carried out. Things don’t seem as odd or as charming as they used to, and certain aspects of the French culture that

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Visiting a French dentist

Apologies for the delay between blog posts: I suffered eight days of toothache after a root canal went wrong. The experience made me realise I don’t often talk about the more mundane aspects of living in a France. Visiting a

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Attempting French theatre

One of the most challenging things about living in a foreign country is learning their language and culture. I’m not sure out of those two which is the most difficult in France: the language takes time to learn, with exceptions

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