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World Cup fever hits La Clusaz

The cow bells are out in La Clusaz this weekend, with the FIS cross-country (ski du fond) world cup taking place in Les Confins. Pictured are the front-runners of the men’s 15km race on their third lap of the course.

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How to turn a van into a cow

Ever wanted to turn your old camper into a cow? Someone in Le Grand Bornand here in the Aravis can help you. Although the eyes suggest the cow has been on the whacky tobaccy, the rest is in order, with

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Cheesy entertainment

How do you make Reblochon cheese? Well, that’s still a bit of a mystery to me, thanks to a rather odd night in Le Grand Bornand to learn more about it. The lovely people who run the resort put on

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Heidi skis

Yes, there’s a brand of ski called Heidi Ski and they come from Switzerland. I tried some out at last weekend’s ski test held in Le Grand Bornand just up the road and I was really impressed. Despite the off-piste

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Backyard travels part 1

So, a few weeks ago, I challenged my readers to travel in their own backyard. I took my own advice on the weekend and managed to visit something in La Clusaz, Le Grand Bornand and Annecy all in one day.

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Contemporary art in the Aravis

Wandering through Le Grand Bornand the other day, I came across this art installation (click on the image for a bigger version) by Miguel Chevalier. The image shows just half the room of digital snowflakes, projected on three walls of

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French ski instructors

Monday was the first day of the French ski instructors’ week-long competition. “ESF” stands for Ecole du Ski Fran├žais (French ski school), and their outfit, as seen on the roundabout here in St Jean de Sixt, is red. A friend

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ESF outfits anyone?

Hooray! After months of no action on the St Jean de Sixt roundabout, we finally have some mannequin action! They used to change so regularly, but I think this is the first time this winter that they’ve come out. Where

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Something severely wrong with this image

French imagery in advertising, roundabouts and even pizza boxes is something I’ve discussed many times on this blog, but this image is the most provocative I’ve seen in a public place. Apologies for the lack of quality: I took the

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The view from a refuge

The word refuge in English is often associated with a place to take shelter by those who need it. Although the word looks the same and is pronounced in much the same way in French, the meaning here in the

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