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Does absence make the heart grow fonder of France?

I’m back in St Jean de Sixt now after a month away from France. Visiting Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Greece, I planned ahead to fit in as much action and relaxation time as possible. I expected I would look

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Looking up in Annecy #2

One of the great things about Annecy is how quickly it sprouts from a wintery, quiet town into a lively hive of activity. By May, vibrant flower pots line the gushing canals, and the ice cream shops already have queues

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Freedom to Europe on 8 May

Today, the 8th of May, is a public holiday in France and various other European countries to mark the end of World War 2. For the locals around these parts, including Thônes (where this war memorial photo was taken in

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The youngest ‘lifty’ in La Clusaz

This kid is definitely the youngest lift operator in La Clusaz. I’m not sure he’s a paid worker, given he’s still sucking on his dummy, but he was certainly happy to direct people with his pole as they arrived at

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The homecoming in La Clusaz for Candide Thovex

If you look hard enough at this photo, you’ll see someone in yellow ski pants climbing what appears to be a concave piece of cliff to the top of Le Croix (“The Cross”) up at La Balme in La Clusaz.

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Win a cow!

Although Saint Jean de Sixt is just up the road from the city of Annecy, certain aspects of life are still very rural. Take this raffle ticket, for example. First prize is a cow. Yes, that’s right: you can win

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The firemen of Saint Jean de Sixt

Every December in Saint Jean de Sixt, the local pompiers (firemen and women) knock on the doors of homes all over the village to sell their calendars. Given that these are the people that will save you from a burning

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French graffiti part 1

You might be wondering why I have taken a photo of some graffiti. Let me explain. Months ago, the white graffiti, ‘SAVOIE LIBRE‘ appeared near the road between Annecy and Thônes, with a white cross on a red background —

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Snow vs vide grenier in St Jean de Sixt

After weeks of warm weather, last weekend turned arctic. Normally, I’d rejoice at snowfall and its promise of winter sports, but not when I’m due to sit outside all day. A friend and I had reserved a stand — thankfully undercover

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The Grammys, La Clusaz style

La Clusaz has all sorts of festivals in summer and winter, but now that school holidays are over, today’s fair was all about the locals. The Foire de la Croix is a chance for the local farmers to catch up

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