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Good, wholesome fun

Teams from five villages met on Friday night in Saint Jean de Sixt for the annual inter-village games (Les Gamineries des Aravis), but you might notice that there are six different coloured teams. A group of tourists makes up the

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Brittany for beginners

Brest is a long way away from where I live in the Aravis region of Haute Savoie, but it’s still part of France. Or is it? More on that later. I spent a long weekend in the region, catching up

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Paintballing comes to the Aravis

Saint Jean de Sixt seems to be turning into some sort of sporting mecca lately, with the new petanque pits, the Bun-J Ride ramp, and now the Aravis Paintball Mountain Park. Late last year, a group of locals started a

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The most pointless street light ever

Can you see what’s hidden in that tree? It’s a street light. Does it shed much light? Not really. So why is it there? Its past is steeped in a great rumour that the local French property owner here in

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How not to make a petanque field

The sleepy village of Saint Jean de Sixt has the chance of becoming a sporting mecca, for France’s favourite sport can now flourish here with the introduction of two new petanque playing fields. Or can it? The two new pits

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How to party in a small French village

Saint Jean de Sixt partied on Saturday night in the lead-up to the national Fete de la Saint Jean (John the Baptist) on Sunday. Pictured is every kid’s favourite car ride, and this year, it featured a lighting system more

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Let it snow, then rain, then snow

One of the most noticeable and amusing things about living in the French Alps is how quickly conversation turns to snow when winter approaches. Months before the resort is due to open, people start predicting what sort of season it

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Haggling with the big guns

I talked about the art of the haggle at French garage/car boot sales (called a vide grenier ) in the past. Haggling doesn’t come naturally to me, but last weekend at the St Jean de Sixt vide grenier, I found

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What’s missing from this photo?

At first, you might not notice anything missing from this photo, but if you were walking past it regularly, you’d notice the absence of the mannequins. I’ve written about them lots of times, but they’ve been missing for a few

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How to act French at the weekend

Last weekend, the town of Alex held a Vide Grenier — a giant garage sale where the locals bring all sorts of odd things to sell. I had to go: I love these events! Bizarre offerings included a variety of champagne

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