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The relief of an exhibition in English

My quick jaunt to London last week ended in a visit to the Titanic exhibition at the O2 Arena. It’s such a relief to see an exhibition in my native tongue of English: I don’t miss out on half the

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Back to France

For anyone considering a move to La Clusaz, please note that these foods are not available when dining out: Chinese Mexican Greek Indian Japanese British fat chips (from a fish’n’chips shop) basically, anything else that doesn’t revolve around cheese, potatoes

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La Clusaz vs London

Apologies for not writing sooner: I’ve been working in London recently. And boy, have I noticed the differences between London and La Clusaz. They might begin with the same letter of the alphabet, but they’re at opposite ends of the

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The English faker

In a bit of a role reversal, I went to England for the weekend with a French man. Hearing his observations about London and Cambridge — the two cities we visited — brought a smile to my face as I

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