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The bouchons of Lyon

Lyon is the food capital of France, and part of the reason for that is bouchon restaurants. A bouchon is a traditional Lyonnaise restaurant, usually family-run, serving traditional dishes such as tripe, brains and tête de veau (head of a

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Your own, personal, (Mini) Jesus

What you’re looking at here is a Mini Jesus de Lyon (also available on a larger scale as Jesus de Lyon). How did Jesus get some pork sausages named after him? I asked a variety of French friends but none

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Fête des Lumières 2010 in Lyon

This year’s Fête des Lumières in Lyon was full of cool stuff and some disappointments too. Held for just four days a year — and often with bitterly cold temperatures (it was about 2°C when I was there on Friday

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Tete de Veau

Tête de veau means “head of calf” in English. So, why would there be a sign offering tête de veau and vegetables in Annecy recently? Because people eat whole heads of calves here in France, as well as in Italy

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House of chaos museum

After challenging everyone to visit attractions close to home, I drove for two hours to Lyon last weekend and visited la Demeure du Chaos (the Abode of Chaos) with a friend who lives nearby (do I get half a point

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Lyon lights festival

For four nights each year, Lyon lights up big time. Le Fête des Lumières (the Festival of Lights) is a chance for creative people who like bright things to impress us all with their imagination. Below are just a few

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