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Ten reasons to visit Prapic

Hidden near Gap is the tiny, aging village of Prapic. Once a thriving town on a main Roman route before Christ, the village has survived centuries despite rockslides and avalanches from the peaks all around. So massive are those peaks that

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Sunrise over Saint Jean de Sixt

Pictured is the sunrise over Saint Jean de Sixt on Christmas Eve. I have not enhanced these colours: it really was that good. At a time of year when the silly season is in full swing and people flock to

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Is Mother Nature drunk?

What a funny old season it’s been. January, usually a dry month, buried rocks and trees with metres of snow that just kept on falling. February brought both antarctic cold and French Riviera warmth, causing the rocks and trees to

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What on earth is this?

“What on earth is this?” was the question someone asked me as we drove under this thing. What do you think it is? The answer is actually very simple, and the name gives it away. In French it’s called a

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Walking to stupid places

Yesterday looked like a great day for a walk, so we packed some lunch, water and sunscreen and headed for le Lachat de Th├┤nes, at 2,023 metres above sea level (more than 1,000 metres higher than St Jean de Sixt,

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