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French fireman calendars

You no doubt heard about the racy French pompiers calendar released near the end of 2015. If not, you can sample it in the video below. Here in Saint Jean de Sixt, our local fire brigade did their annual door

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A snapshot of Annecy

Last weekend, Annecy bathed in glorious sunshine during the annual Venetian carnival. I took lots of photos of the gorgeous outfits, but my favourite is this one, which I snapped from a moving car on the way home. This photo

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

[svgallery name=”2010stjeansnow”] I’m sure you’re aware that Europe has been getting a big dump of snow due to some Siberian winds travelling further south than usual and meeting up with warm, moist Mediterranean air. The result? The photos above.  St

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A jigsaw puzzle picture-perfect house

Is this not something you’d find in a jigsaw puzzle? I live near it. The close-up with my terrible photography skills does not do this beautiful chalet the justice it deserves. How many flowers can exist on one wall? Walking

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Not your average drain pipe

This picture says it all. The French just take extra care with things. I’ve seen the painstaking preparation and presentation that can go into even the simplest of dishes served in a restaurant and the way that no roundabout can

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