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La Poste delivers broken goods

A little while ago, I received this package in the mail. It contained a birthday present that I had ordered for a friend. That big rip down the centre was already made when I received the package. I’ve no idea

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Know your French stamps

Did you know that French stamps come in three flavours? Since October 2011, there have been different classes of mail in France. I doubt that my monthly rental cheque — which, after I post in the box in Saint Jean

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The easiest job in France

I think I might become a French electrician. Apparently, all you need to do to fix a TV aerial is only turn up on the second promised visit, park your car to block the entire street, traipse snow across a

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Post office doesn’t like brown packaging paper

I took this package to the post office last week and it was rejected. Two rounds of tape was perhaps not enough? The address wasn’t clear enough? Nope. It offending element was the brown packaging paper. I wrapped a festive

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So clever! And so dumb.

Let’s start with the dumb. This letter from EDF arrived in a letterbox in Annecy last week. You can see from the date circled at the top (click on the letter for a larger image) that the letter was printed

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